Tropical Party: New Year in Amsterdam-2018

The New Year is the most pompous event that needs to be celebrated in the right place and in the right atmosphere. Meet the 2018 Yellow Earth Dog in Amsterdam!
Restaurant Amsterdam with enviable periodicity conducts bright events, unforgettable party with eminent DJs. But brighten up the gray days of the calendar – this is one thing, and quite another – with a sinking heart to wait for the battle of the chimes.
Guests will receive a warm welcome, a rich concert program and a real New Year’s miracle in every glass!
The format of the festive table is A la Carte.
The cost of the Tropical Party includes: New Year’s table, concert program, alcohol.
Restaurant & Bar: +380487775331.


Roxy Amsterdam-2017

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of spending an unforgettable evening in Amsterdam. So on November 18, 2017, the secular beau monde of Odessa and the honored guests of the city had the honor to visit Roxy Amsterdam in our restaurant!
What is it? Sounds of incendiary disco and an unrestrained rush of emotion, which draws everyone to the dance floor. Fix it with drinks of all colors and shades and do not forget about gastronomic masterpieces of our menu – you will get a bright photo report from a professional photographer.
If you missed this event, do not hurry to fall into a winter melancholy, because we have planned a lot of events!
The real stars who lit a small holiday of life in the middle of the Southern Palmyra: Limpopo (Nu disco & hot crazy dance), Anna Nikolina, Max Hawkins.